Holiday Schedule


Dear Customer,

We have listed below our holidays for 2014. Please take time to mark these days on your calendar. We look forward to serving you in the coming year and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have that will improve our service to you.

1/1/2014                         WEDNESDAY                   NEW YEAR’S DAY

1/20/2014                       MONDAY                          MARTIN LUTHER KING’S BIRTHDAY

2/10/2014                       MONDAY                          ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY

2/17/2014                       MONDAY                          PRESIDENT’S DAY

3/1/2014                         SATURDAY                       TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY

4/21/2014                       MONDAY                          SAN JACINTO DAY

5/26/2014                       MONDAY                          MEMORIAL DAY

6/19/2014                       THURSDAY                       EMANCIPATION DAY

7/4/2014                         FRIDAY                             INDEPENDENCE DAY

8/25/2014                       MONDAY                           LYNDON JOHNSON’S BIRTHDAY

9/1/2014                         MONDAY                          LABOR DAY

10/13/2014                     MONDAY                           COLUMBUS DAY

11/11/2014                     TUESDAY                          VETERAN’S DAY

11/27/2014                     THURSDAY                        THANKSGIVING DAY

12/24/2014                     WEDNESDAY                     CHRISTMAS EVE   8:00AM-12:00PM

12/25&26/2014               THURSDAY/FRIDAY            CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS